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Turchin Center for the Visual Arts

Engage, discover and connect through the arts

Vibrant, dynamic and sometimes even challenging arts programs are part of a great university education. They also help make great communities. The Turchin Center for the Visual Arts presents exhibition, education and collection programs that support Appalachian State University’s role as a key regional educational, cultural, economic and service resource. At the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, we believe that the arts play vital roles in the development of creative and critical potential, and in experiencing, interpreting, understanding recording and shaping culture. We create an accessible place for our students and our greater community to investigate art’s roles.

Programs of the center reflect the diversity of the world around us through the presentation of regional, national and international artists of significance. Interaction with the arts enriches the lives of the participants through experiences that are both educational and therapeutic, and builds an audience that recognizes the cultural and personal importance of the arts. The Turchin Center implements programs that engender and strengthen the Appalachian community’s participation in and ownership of the arts, and places an emphasis on partnerships with the university’s academic areas and with key local education, social service and economic agencies.