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Give by payroll deduction

Appalachian State University employees are able to contribute to the Appalachian State University Foundation, Inc. through a payroll deduction plan.

Donating through payroll deduction is easy

  1. LOG IN: Banner's Employee Self Serve
  2. CLICK: Employee tab
  3. CLICK: ASU Foundation Payroll Deduction option
  4. FILL OUT the form and click submit

Contributions to the Appalachian State University Foundation Inc. are tax-deductible, to the extent allowable by law.

If you wish wish to terminate your payroll deduction, please notify James Hayes ( in Advancement Services.

Monthly deduction amount Annual gift total
$8.34 $100.08
$25.00 $300.00
$41.67 $500.04
$83.34 $1,000.08
$208.34 $2,500.08