Naming Opportunities

New Building Naming Opportunities
outside bchs
Name the Building $5,000,000 Leon Levine Foundation of Charlotte
Outdoor Space
South Entrance Patio $250,000
North Entrance Patio $250,000
Brick Pavers Varies
Outdoor Furniture Varies
First Floor Naming Opportunities
first floor bchs
Advising and Academic Support $500,000
Office Space
Advising Conference Room $5,000 In Honor of Dr. Wayne Miller '60, '64 & Kathryn R. Lyall '20
Exercise Physiology and Human Performance $1,000,000
Biomechanics Lab $100,000
Neuromuscular Lab $100,000
Health Promotion Lab $100,000
Resistance Training Research Lab $100,000
Body Composition Lab $50,000
Human Performance Labs $100,000 (2)
Electro-Physiology $50,000
Environmental Chamber $50,000
Vascular Biology and Autonomic Studies Lab $50,000
Metabolic Lab $50,000
Thermal Lab $50,000
Seminar Classroom $25,000 Dr. Fred Whitt '75,'76
Interprofessional Health Clinic $750,000 Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC
Audiology Clinic & Procedure Room $75,000
Primary Care Exam Rooms $10,000 (12)
Primary Care Exam Rooms (1) Chuck & Tammy Mantooth
Voice & Swallowing Exam Room Gary & Kim McCullough
Nursing Health Assessment Lab Pending
Group Rooms $25,000 (2)
Group Rooms (1) Chris & Maria '99, '01 Vernon
Group Rooms (2)
Simulation Apartment $50,000
Information Commons $1,000,000
Atrium/Study Commons
Welcome Desk Hughlene Bostian Frank'68
Lecture Hall $500,000 The Dickson Foundation
Lecture Hall Classroom Space
Nutrition and Food Innovation $300,000
Instructional Nutrition Foods Science Lab $150,000
Dining Room & Sensory Lab $50,000
Quantity Food Lab Commercial Kitchen $100,000
Second Floor Naming Opportunities
second floor bchs
Dean's Board Room $250,000 Don & Pat Phillips
Office Space
Interprofessional Classroom Clusters
Large Classrooms $25,000 (12/15)
Large Classrooms Patrick W. & Stephanie L. Billings '92
Large Classrooms (Room 228) Jim Avant
Large Classrooms (Room 230) The Harkrader Family
Computer Lab $25,000
Seminar Room $25,000 (4)
Problem Based Learning Classroom $15,000 (10)
Student Study Area $15,000 (4)
Student Study Area (1) Chat T. Lefteris '96
Graduate Student Lounge $15,000 A Reigel Retreat
Third Floor Naming Opportunities
third floor bchs
Anatomy and Physiology $400,000
Anatomy and Physiology Dry Lab $100,000
Anatomy and Physiology Wet Lab $100,000
Human Cadaver Lab $100,000
Biochemistry Lab $100,000
Nursing Simulation and Clinical Innovation $300,000
Nursing Skills Lab $100,000
Nursing Simulation Lab $100,000 In Memory of: Jennifer K. Adkins, RN
Foundations of Nursing Lab (Room 307) $100,000 Carolie P. White, BSN, MPH
Nursing Health Assessment Lab $100,000
Rehabilitative Science $300,000
Future Occupational Therapy Lab $100,000
Future Physical Therapy Lab $100,000
Athletic Training Lab $100,000
Wake Forest PA Complex $250,000
Clinical Assessment Lab $75,000
Conference Room $50,000
Student Lounge $50,000
Microbiology Lab $75,000
Fourth & Fifth Floor Naming Opportunities
fourth and fifth bchs
Group Rooms $5,000 (5)
Department Conference Room (CSD) Randy ’77, ’78 & Margaret ’79 Edwards
Department Conference Room (HES) Dr. Zachary T. Hollis '02, Exercise Science
Department Conference Room (N&HCM) Anne W. & Stephen P. Fleming
Department Conference Room (N&SW) In Memory of:
Paul J. & Lesley W. Urquhart
Shared Conference Room In Memory of:
Richard & Sue Huff
Faculty Break Room $5,000 (2)
Faculty Break Room (1) In Memory of Andy Thomas '78, Health Care Management
Faculty Break Room (2) Adrienne Finkel
Dean's Suite/Conference Room $25,000 Richard Sparks'76
Department Chair Suite/Conference Room $10,000 (4)
Faculty and Staff Office $5,000 (145)
Dean's Office In Honor of:
Raymond & Peggy Thielke
Associate Dean's Office (4th floor) In Honor of Dr. Louis & Mrs. Jerriann Levy