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Colleen Choate - Class of 2016 - Chancellor's Scholar - Richmond, VA

A Rich Learning Experience

March 13, 2013

The people at Appalachian were what made the difference for Colleen Choate. She had her choice of many colleges, but when she visited Appalachian, she knew it was the place for her. A Chancellor's Scholar in the Honors College, Colleen earned a full scholarship to Appalachian. She plans to major in Sustainable Development, and says, "My peers have helped me by supporting me in my goals and introducing me to new ideas that help enrich my own learning experience."

Colleen describes how her first year at Appalachian has already expanded her horizons. "In the beginning, I was mainly interested in the environmental aspects of sustainability," she explains, "but I have come to understand that it is much more complex than just preserving the environment, and I have taken a greater interest in social justice issues and creating equal access to resources."

"Being in a community of people who are excited to learn about so many different things is a truly rewarding experience," says Colleen. The people at Appalachian who are making the difference for Colleen understand she will make a difference in the world, and will do everything possible to help her.