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Patrick McGuire - Class of 2013 - Sustainable Development major - Charlotte, NC

Discovering a fresh perspective on learning

February 6, 2012

Patrick McGuire was drawn to Appalachian by its mountain setting and small class sizes. Once here, he gained a broader understanding of the unique learning opportunities offered in University College.

This began when he discovered a love for gardening, which developed into a greater reverence for the environment. “My hobby became a passion, and you should major in your passion,” he says. So Patrick became a sustainable development major, and he found the department’s interdisciplinary approach to education refreshing. “It’s really wonderful,” says Patrick. “I learn about sustainability in many classroom settings, and it has broadened my appreciation for other subjects.”

Patrick appreciates the extra effort his professors put forth to make sure that learning goes beyond the classroom. “Appalachian does an excellent job of integrating education into all aspects of life,” he says. “This helps students understand how their knowledge fits into the rest of the world.”