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Dani Weishoff - Festival Intern - New York, NY

A real-world learning lab

October 20, 2011

One might expect Appalachian students to intern in New York City to learn the ins and outs of arts management, but in the case of Dani Weishoff, it's the other way around. Dani is a music industry major at Northeastern University, but she opted for a six-month internship with An Appalachian Summer Festival.

In serving as a "learning lab" for interns, the festival provides valuable experience in the areas of marketing, sales, technical crew and artist relations. Students gain a real-world understanding of how the organization functions as a whole. "Interning at Appalachian helped make my classroom learning a lot easier, having seen most of it firsthand," says Dani. "Most of my classmates get internships in huge cities with famous record labels and music magazines, but they end up focusing on only one aspect of the industry, and sometimes even less than that."

Dani has gained another benefit. She has become part of the Appalachian Family. "I've really enjoyed my time here — I doubt any of my peers are working with greater people," she says.