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Delvon Blue ’12 - Psychology and Health Care Management double major - Winston-Salem, NC

Inspired to succeed

October 20, 2011

Delvon Blue ’12 wants to care for underserved populations in North Carolina. "I want to help address the restricted health care access for minority populations," he says. A senior in the College of Health Sciences, Delvon appreciates the challenging academic environment, mentorship and internships that are preparing him for medical school.

Delvon was inspired by the success of one of Appalachian's many passionate and successful alumni. Recently, he came across the story of Richard Sparks, CEO of Appalachian Regional Healthcare System.

"I noticed he was in health care, which is my passion, and saw that he had his bachelor's and MBA from Appalachian. His success was a testament to where Appalachian can take me."

Delvon's work in the Honors College has landed him competitive internships, and the college is providing the challenging academic environment and mentorship he needs to enter medical school.

"Medicine encompasses the things I really enjoy — building relationships, teaching and even spirituality," Delvon says. "The Honors College has given me the experience and the confidence I needed, and I am applying to medical schools now."