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Hope finds her passion

September 6, 2011

Hope Wolfe began dancing at five years old, but she says she didn’t really find dance until she came to Appalachian. “I did not plan on being a dance major, but within my first semester here, I began relearning dance and its impact on my life,” says Hope, who is a dance studies major from Lenoir, NC. Hope chose Appalachian because it was close to home and offered the opportunity for a quality liberal arts education that was a good value for the money. She liked that the dance program would offer her a fun creative outlet, but never dreamed that it might change her life.

A scholarship changed everything for Hope. “I have always worked really hard and tried to do well, but once I received a scholarship I felt a complete new motivation and intent to do well in my classes,” she says. She credits her faculty mentors for fueling her motivation and passion. “Knowing that they believed in and cared about my potential made me want to make them proud,” she says, Her dance faculty in particular appreciated this motivation—and they recognized her talent. They fostered her natural aptitude, pushed her to develop her skills and nurtured her passion. And somewhere along the way, Hope realized that at her core, she is a dancer.

Hope’s childhood love has now become a career aspiration—she dreams of joining a major dance company after graduation. “Until this year, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to pursue a professional career in dance,” she says, “but now I can’t see doing anything else.”