• A scholarship opens a door to serving others
  • A Rich Learning Experience
  • Taking sustainable living to a new level
  • A record of excellence
  • Research opportunities and so much more
  • Inspired to succeed
  • A French perspective on the Appalachian Experience
  • Vargas’ year in France affirms self-reliance, inspires him to give back
  • The Appalachian Fund: Every Gift Makes a Difference
  • Scholarship making a dream a reality

The Appalachian Fund

There is no greater way to influence Appalachian State University in its entirety than by making a gift to The Appalachian Fund – it’s protecting and enhancing the Appalachian experience for future students. As Appalachian State University’s unrestricted annual fund, The Appalachian Fund combines gifts large and small from thousands of alumni, students, parents, and friends to support more than 70 areas across Appalachian’s campus.