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Joe and Sharon Reid

Leaving a legacy that will change lives
January 5, 2015

Appalachian has meant a lot to Joe ’73 and Sharon Reid of Mount Airy, who came to Appalachian already married, and quickly caught the Mountaineer spirit.

“I received a quality education that helped me advance in life. We’ve made a lot of friends and continue to meet new people. We love Appalachian,” says Joe. The couple explains that their passion for Appalachian has lasted because the friendliness and approachability of Appalachian in the 1970s remains true today. “It’s the Appalachian Family atmosphere,” Sharon says.

The Reids made their first gift to Appalachian in the mid-1970s. “It was $25 to the Yosef Club, which was a lot to us back then,” remembers Sharon. They have a vision for Appalachian to continue growing and to become one of the top universities academically anywhere in the United States, and they continue to give their time and resources to this place that brings them so much joy. Recently, the Reids finalized their estate plans and created two endowments that will support Appalachian for many years after they are gone. The Joe & Sharon Reid Yosef Scholarship Endowment will continue their love of Appalachian athletics - they have attended every home Mountaineer football game since 1980 and are avid tailgaters. The Joe & Sharon Reid Endowment for the Walker College of Business is an unrestricted fund to be used at the dean’s discretion for the college’s greatest needs.

“We think Appalachian is top rated,” Joe says. “We hope our endowments will inspire others to also give the gift that keeps on giving.”