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Making a Difference

A scholarship opens a door to serving others

Allison Powers - Class of 2016 - Special Education, Adapted Curriculum major - Lansing, NC

Allison Powers is a first-generation college student whose parents encouraged her to work hard. A chance encounter with a child at a restaurant led to a friendship that then led to her discovering a passion for working with children with special needs.

Allison was awarded the Steve and Judy James Scholarship the summer before her freshman year. "Being a James Scholar has allowed me to be part of a wonderful group of future teachers," she says. It's also allowed me to meet two amazing people, Steve and Judy James, who have made me feel a part of their family and have provided me with opportunities I never would have had otherwise."

As a recipient of the James Scholarship, Allison will teach four years in a North Carolina school within seven years of graduating, and she is looking forward to becoming a special education teacher. "I know there will be very trying times," she says, "but I honestly believe my vocation will bring the most precious opportunities into my life I could ever be awarded."

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