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College of Arts and Sciences

Preparing capable, confident problem solvers

The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest and most diverse academic unit at Appalachian State University, offering more than 100 undergraduate majors and minors in disciplines that span the humanities, natural and mathematical sciences, and social sciences. It encompasses 16 academic departments and five additional specialty programs. Master’s degree programs, some of which have received national recognition, are offered by 13 of the college's departments.

The 430 full-time faculty members in the college pride themselves on their commitment to teaching and scholarship and strive to help their students learn specific content information, develop critical thinking abilities, achieve mastery of oral and written communication skills, and gain the ability to integrate knowledge across academic fields. Our professors provide real-world experiences for the students majoring in our programs. The College of Arts and Sciences is also largely responsible for the implementation of Appalachian’s general education curriculum and is heavily involved in the education of all students, including those who are pursuing majors in other colleges.

In addition to its on-campus efforts, the College of Arts and Sciences is actively involved in distance education and study abroad programs in a variety of academic fields. 

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