• Building a future of hope
  • Study in Japan – a student’s dream comes true
  • Bobby Martin ’92 – from “lousy student” to magna cum laude to entrepreneur – shares thoughts on success
  • Hope finds her passion
  • Vargas’ year in France affirms self-reliance, inspires him to give back
  • Scholarship making a dream a reality
  • A support system for academic achievement
  • A Scholarship Opens Doors
  • A scholarship opens a door to serving others
  • A French perspective on the Appalachian Experience
Top row: Edna Cummings, Hunter Widener, Bryan Haas, Vaughn Hayes, Kathryn Blanchard, James Reaves, Bixby Stewart, Steven Price, Andrew Davis, Ted Chandler, Cantey Alexander Middle row: Charlene Foley, Hughlene Frank, Robin Lester, Jack Elledge, Mitch Lemons, Charlene Johnson, Jane Edmisten, Joe Piacentino, Allen Lockwood, Rocky Proffit, Randy Edwards Bottom row: Hal Lingerfelt, Tasse Little, Alice Roess, Kay Norwood, Talana Bell, Sheri Everts, Fairley Bell Cook, Stephanie Billings, Kimberly Jones Green, Avery Hall Board members not present in photo: Brandon Adcock, Carolyn Clark, Paul Kizakevich, Livian Jones, Julie Page

Foundation board of directors

J. Rocky Proffit (Chair)
Davidson, NC
Thomas E. Chandler, Jr. (Vice Chair)
Burlington, NC
E. Joseph Piacentino Jr. (Treasurer)
Richmond, VA
James K. Reaves (Secretary)
Kernersville, NC
Randy K. Edwards (President) (Ex Officio)
Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC
Brandon T. Adcock
Charlotte, NC
J. Cantey Alexander
Winston Salem, NC
George G. Beasley (Emeritus Member)
Naples, FL
Talana J. Bell
Dothan, AL
Stephanie L. Billings
Greensboro, NC
J. Kathryn Blanchard
Charlotte, NC
Cullen A. Cameron (Ex Officio)
President, Yosef Club Advisory Board
Winston-Salem, NC
Thomas E. Chandler, Sr. (Emeritus Member)
Burlington, NC
Carolyn J. Clark (Ex Officio)
President, Alumni Association
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC
Fairley Bell Cook
Raleigh, NC
Edna W. Cummings
Laurel, MD
Andrew T. Davis (Ex Officio)
President, AppS.T.A.T.
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC
Wayne D. Duncan (Emeritus Member)
Raleigh, NC
Jack L. Elledge
Statesville, NC
Sheri N. Everts (Ex Officio)
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC
Charlene W. Foley
Durham, NC
Paul D. Forte (Ex Officio)
Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC
Hughlene B. Frank
Greensboro, NC
Joseph F. Freeman, Jr. (Emeritus Member)
Greensboro, NC
Kimberly Jones Green
Bowling Green, KY
D. Bryan Haas
Boone, NC
Avery B. Hall, Sr.
Kernersville, NC
R. Vaughn Hayes
North Wilkesboro, NC
Charlene A. Johnson
Winston-Salem, NC
Livian L. Jones
Wilmington, NC
Paul L. Kizakevich
Raleigh, NC
Darrell Kruger (Ex Officio)
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC
Mitchell S. Lemons
Charlotte, NC
Robin A. Lester
Tampa, FL
Hal D. Lingerfelt
Vale, NC
Tasse A. Little (Ex Officio)
Parents Association
Charlotte, NC
H. Allen Lockwood, Jr.
Charlotte, NC
Kay C. Norwood
Charlotte, NC
Steven C. Price
Blowing Rock, NC
Alice G. Roess (Ex Officio)
Chair, Board of Trustees
Blowing Rock, NC
Darlene W. Romine (Emeritus Member)
Greensboro, NC
Bixby O. Stewart
Atlanta, GA
G.A. Sywassink (Emeritus Member)
Hilton Head Island, SC
C. Hunter Widener
Charlotte, NC
Dan R. Williams (Emeritus Member)
Salisbury, NC