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The Appalachian Fund

There is no greater way to influence Appalachian State University in its entirety than by making a gift to The Appalachian Fund – it’s protecting and enhancing the Appalachian experience for future students. As Appalachian State University’s unrestricted annual fund, The Appalachian Fund combines gifts large and small from thousands of alumni, students, parents, and friends to support more than 70 areas across Appalachian’s campus.

If you make only one gift to Appalachian, giving to The Appalachian Fund ensures it will go where it is most needed. If you’re supporting other areas, please consider an annual gift to The Appalachian Fund to help meet the most immediate, critical needs. No matter the size, every gift makes a difference.

Annual gifts to The Appalachian Fund are important because they...

  • are unrestricted, which means dollars can be put to use immediately, wherever they’re needed
  • allow our students opportunities that are not covered by tuition
  • provide flexible funding to supplement losses in state funding, and provide for Appalachian’s future
  • make a big difference, regardless of the size of your gift

Leadership donors to The Appalachian and Parents Fund, those donating $1,000 or more annually, are recognized through membership in the Vanguard Society.

Gifts to The Appalachian Fund support..

  • Student groups
  • Scholarship support
  • Research
  • Professional development for faculty and staff
  • Technology and infrastructure
  • Special events
  • Arts and Cultural Programs
  • Academic Affairs